On the Horizon

On the Horizon by Erin Keane : photography with encaustic beeswax : 21 x 49 inches

placed into private collections

This series is part of a collaborative exhibit "Seven Degrees of Connection" featuring Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch and the instructors at EncaustiCamp 2015, seven of us total. Seven Degrees of Connection builds on Six Degrees of Separation, the theory that every person is connected to every other person in six steps or less - a friend of a friend of a friend.

I set out to visually connect my individual panels together and metaphorically connect my imagery to the world around me. Playing off the thought that our ever expanding world is increasingly interconnected - between cities, countries, and continents - I created abstract landscapes by combining photographs into land and sky with a common horizon line. As a metaphor, the landscapes represent our various backgrounds – ancestry, places of birth, current geographical locations, travels and life experiences – and the horizon lines represent opportunities in front of us, both individual and shared.