Artist Statement : Journals

I am an encaustic artist, and I am also a bookbinder. For years encaustic and bookbinding were separate entities in my life, the art and the craft, the experimental and the meditative, and I craved a convergence. My encaustic journals are designed to honor books as an art form.

Most recently I've have been creating sculptural books, exploring how structural form can convey metaphorical concepts. In each book, I push my personal boundaries in structural form, creating challenging bindings such as a Dos-a-Dos that wraps around and connects to itself, or a Gatefold that is bound completely closed on the back.

I paired structural questions with conceptual questions: "How can a Dos-a-Dos connecting to itself communicate a desire for quiet within an extroverted world?" allowing the form to personify an aspect of our humanity through interaction of pages and covers: "Intervals of Silence"

In addition to sculptural books, I bind journals for display on the bookshelf and for personal and functional use.

The Butterfly preserves fallen wings found on my hikes and is bound with my specially designed Butterfly Stitch. Blue Ridge Mountains feature a panoramic landscape with trail maps lining the inside. Vignettes have original art on the covers and are made in limited editions.

Selected work is featured. To see a portfolio of available and sold collections, please visit my Collections page.

Recent Exhibitions

2017      Dream A Book, BookOpolis 2017: Main Gallery, Asheville BookWorks, Asheville NC 

2016        North Carolina Artists Invitational Winter Show: GreenHill Center for NC Art, Greensboro NC

2016        Fellowship, Collaboration with artist Sue Grier: Southern Highland Craft Guild, Asheville NC

2016        Southern Highland Craft Guild Exhibit: Appalachian Regional Commission, Washington DC

2015        Solid Roots: Folk Art Center, Main Gallery, Southern Highland Craft Guild, Asheville NC

2015        Seven Degrees of Connection, Collaborative: Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch, Michelle Belto, Crystal Neubauer, Susan Stover, Shary Bartlett, Amanda Jolley: Dumas Bay Centre, Federal Way WA

2015        Ebb & Flow curated by Fleta Monaghan: Asheville Area Arts Council, Asheville NC

Purchase Information

My work is represented by 310 ART in the River Arts District of Asheville NC, Penland Gallery in Penland NC, and Southern Highland Craft Guild. Please feel welcome to contact me regarding availability and I'll be happy to connect you with the representing gallery.

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